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This is a gift voucher to attend a fermented beverages class (kombucha & kefir) at any of Cultcure's up and coming classes in London up to 3 months after the voucher purchase date.

Please email us once you have made your purchase us to let us know who the voucher is for (through the contact page) and we will generate a bespoke voucher for you.


Come join us for a beginners guide and an introduction into the how’s, what’s, why’s and the magic of probiotic lacto-fermented beverages. We will explore kombucha, water kefir & dairy kefir. Get a better understanding of lacto-fermentation, as we look at preservation (the natural way). With a focus on fermenting and what we know about live foods. Kombucha is an all-natural, raw fermented tea, milk kefir is a cultured dairy drink and water kefir is a water-based version. They are all a delicious dose of goodness for your gut, low in sugar and packed full of beneficial acids, lactic bacteria, enzymes and antioxidants. 

In our small classes (max of 8 people), we will discuss everything you need to know about fermenting & brewing your own Kombucha & Kefir at home. You will receive your own scoby & kefir grains to take home with you and begin brewing your own kombucha & kefir.

During the workshop,, you will get to try several different flavours of Kombucha and kefir we have on the go as well as enjoy some snacks & fermented vegetables. You will learn how to create your own Kombucha flavours, how to create the lovely natural fizz, how to care for your scoby & kefir grains, maintain and grow them so you may produce kombucha and kefir endlessly. You will leave with recipes and the knowledge to experiment further at home.

This stuff tastes a lot better than anything store bought, most likely contains more beneficial bacteria and will save you loads of cash in the long run (that's if you're buying it from stores at the moment)

Everything is provided, no need to bring anything except your good selves!

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